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Potent, herbal extracts which offer significant and conditioning properties. They are green tea, green chilli, green paprika tropical herbs (vit a,b,c,d) hip up is unique, all natural very effective contemporary product which approaches not only the underling cause but also the treatment o..
Ex Tax:₦4,900.00
Feature:1.Main ingredients: bamboo vinegar, wormwood extract, ginger, etc.2.This foot patch has the effect of dispelling dampness and cold, making the body healthier.3.A variety of herbal ingredients in the foot patch that promote detoxification and release metabolic waste from the body.4.This produ..
Ex Tax:₦10,000.00
This arm sleeve uses a unique wave-weaving method, which uses the characteristics of the body to swing when walking, and the stage massage of the arm to achieve the effect of burning fat. It is recommended to use it after bathing, before or after dressing, and also when you go to work or go out, so ..
Ex Tax:₦5,000.00
KEY FEATURESFights Acne and Improves Facial Skin.Helps lighten, tone and gives a healthy skin glow.Avila Rose hip oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants massage into skin twice daily, its hydrates the skin Reaveals a smoothes and light completion..
Ex Tax:₦7,500.00
KEY FEATURESDo not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or under the age 18Avilan Slimming Tea is  a 100% weight loss for obesity and belly fat.No Side effects Cleanses the body of toxic waste  Burns fat Reduces bloating ..
Ex Tax:₦4,900.00
KEY FEATURESDark TemptationNice fragrance48hrsPleasant..
Ex Tax:₦7,000.00
Chronic is an oriental fragrance for men.This perfume shares your passion for rich, tasteful and sophisticated fragrances.Trendsetting fragrance of originality and contrasts celebrates the diversity of the complex male personality.KEY FEATURESFor men150mlVery effectiveLong lasting fragrance..
Ex Tax:₦10,500.00
Dettol Soap is a bar known for its anti-bacterial agents yet gentle with a variety of fresh fragrances added to its moisturizing action. Perfect for promoting personal hygiene and creating radiant, beautiful and smooth skin.Dettol Bar Soaps keep you healthy and provide 100% better protection vs ordi..
Ex Tax:₦3,930.00
This product is enriched with Natural Extracts that rapidly infiltrate into skin, moisturize, whiten, replenish nutrients, relieve dry skin, lighten fine lines & Spots, wrinkles remover, remove acne print, enhance skin elasticity and easily get absorbed without oiliness and can effecti..
Ex Tax:₦4,500.00
KEY FEATURESTough on sweat, not on skinClinically proven non-irritant formula48-hour sweat protection¼ moisturizer technology that helps protect against irritation..
Ex Tax:₦6,500.00
E45 Cream is a trusted formula suitable for the whole family, including adults, children and the elderly. This effective, non-greasy emollient is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for eczema, dermatitis and other dry skin conditions, E45 Cream works by replacing lost moisture and for..
Ex Tax:₦15,000.00
Aventos (blue for him) perfume is a high quality perfume that lasts up to 24 hours and it's sold at a very affordable price. Having doubt about the perfect perfume to use?  Aventos (blue for him) perfume is a high quality perfume that lasts up to 24 hours and it's sold at a very affordable pric..
Ex Tax:₦4,700.00
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